Curriculum Vitæ of Grant Davis

Personal Profile
An experienced computer programmer and tutor.
Almost thirty years of programming, training and internal consultancy with a well rounded-knowledge of broad based and vertical office applications.

Key Skills
  • Experienced team leader and good team worker
  • Good communicator
  • Able to acquire and use new skills
  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Able to show spontaneous creative and lateral thinking
  • First class teaching and lecturing skills
Conversant with or highly competent in the following computer areas:
  • Windows up to present version
  • Microsoft Office suite up to present version
  • Writing event driven Windows software
  • HTML, CSS, JAVA, ASP and other CGI scripting
  • MS SQL and other SQL languages
  • Graphics packages (bit map and vector based)
  • Installation and maintaining computer hardware/software.
  • Designing and setting up databases for client use on client and server-based databases.
  • Windows Server - IIS etc configuration etc.
  • Writing software for point of sale terminals
  • Some assembler and other low-level language skills
  • Installation and maintenance of office networks, routing and hub management
  • Use of Sellerdeck - a web-based shop front system.
  • Use of InfusionSoft - an internet marketing management and monitoring tool
Projects to date
Designing and programming bespoke accounts package.
The complete suite included not only the company accounts package with full sales ledger, profit and loss account providing accountant-ready figures, but included a mobile sales package for ten road-based sales staff to provided on-site invoicing and base stock, accounts and commission control.

Sourcing all suitable hardware and staff training in use of the above package.

Writing RFI response documents detailing technical and business related software capabilities.
Working for a Dutch-based company, my duties here were to provide RFI documentation and liaise with company clients (large corporate utility companies), train staff in the use of the software and design and attend exhibitions.
Designing a car rental database with web integration.

Designing a desktop desktop program for UK property agents.
A Spanish-based estate agency required a desktop program which connected to a property database for agencies in the UK.
The package required that the agents maintained their own client data with a server-based CMS facility.
The package would print out property exposé sheets for window display.
The database was maintained on a web server but used data from the company's own office server using an desktop import/export program.
Designing and writing a telecoms call processing and billing platform
A Spanish-based cheap rate call company required a program which processed daily call records. Processed the data against a table of calls rates according to country called and time and duration of call.
A client database was kept which recorded all call data and produced monthly invoices for mailing or emailing to customer.
Setting up office network to provide all PC with client capabilities against a single server database. 
Systems support engineer and programmer.
A Spanish-based travel company required standby attention to their office IT needs including network maintenance, hardware purchases and installations.
Designing and building a web site which permitted their clients to monitor their current 'points' position with the company structure and maintaining same.
Sundry networking and PC repair work and maintenance.

Other skills and interests

Travelling, caving. Currently writing novel. Reading.
Writing computer programs. Writing T.V. comedy.
Can speak both French and Spanish.
Full clean driving licence.
Qualified graphic designer/artist.
Published T.V. comedy writer and radio drama writer.
Award-winning drama writer.
Radio presenter and rock music aficionado
Musician/composer and performer
Amateur actor, singer and director
Can ride a unicycle!

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