Web Design Portfolio

Here is a portfolio of just a few of the sites I have designed and am maintaining.
Canary photo stock thumbnail

Royalty Free Stock Photography

The client, a photographer, wanted a site to display his stock of Tenerife photos and images of Canary Islands and Cape Verde for sale on the internet.
The site contains over 3,500 images (and growing daily) which are each held as a single large size. When an order is placed the customer selects the size/s he wants his images to be and they are automatically sized by the server prior to download. The client has a desk-top program which catalogues and keywords the photos, uploads them, creates thumbnails on demand and water marks the display version.

In addition the client can add and edit articles about the photos which improve the web site ranking of the site.
Mr Cool's Hire Shop

Mr Cool Holiday Hire

The client for this needed to make available his range of holiday hire goods, on the internet.
The site allows for the client to maintain his own database of products with the prices descriptions and photos.
The visitor is able to reserves hire goods online providing details of their destination so that these items can be delivered before their arrival.
Astliz web site thumbnail

Astliz Estate Agents

The brief here was to design a site which provides an estate agency window to the world.
The visitor to the site has a comprehensive basket facility which not only allows them to indicate a shortlist favourite properties, but to email themselves or others the basket.
An administration backend allows the site owners to maintain the database and upload photos. They can also keep a complete database of vendors and prospective buyers.
The site also provides an administrative facility for printing window displays and summary lists of all properties.
Old Dogs new tricks web site thumbnail

Old Dogs, New Tricks

The Tenerife-based rock band, Old Dogs, New tricks wanted a fan site for people to view band information, photos and video and to see a calendar of upcoming gigs.
A desktop based program allows the clients to alter the venues and dates and to moderate the guest book so they could monitor the comments before publication to the site.
The also wanted their full catalogue to appear on the site for purchase.
Each page has the provision for playing a small clip of their music from randomly selected songs
Tenerife Car Hire web site thumbnail

Tenerife Car Hire

This site was designed to advertise rental cars in Tenerife.
part of the design brief was that the client could select their car from a list available, enter the dates of the rental period and have the site email these details to the site owner. That form posting would included the final reckoning of the rental.
The client also had the provision of altering the car rental details, rates and specifications via a desktop program which connects directly to the server database, meaning that any changes at all to the rental rates would appear instantaneously on the site.